Summary Proceedings Act 1957

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214 Repeals and savings
  • (1) The enactments specified in Schedule 4 are hereby repealed.

    (2) Without limiting the provisions of the Interpretation Act 1999, it is hereby declared that the repeal of any provision by this Act shall not affect any document made or any thing whatsoever done under the provision so repealed or under any corresponding former provision, and every such document or thing, so far as it is subsisting or in force at the time of the repeal and could have been made or done under this Act, shall continue and have effect as if it had been made or done under the corresponding provision of this Act and as if that provision had been in force when the document was made or the thing was done.

    (3) Notwithstanding the repeal of any enactment by this Act, where any notice of appeal has been filed in any office of a court pursuant to any such enactment before the date of the commencement of this Act, and the appeal is not finally determined before that date, the provisions of that enactment shall continue to apply to that appeal in all respects as if this Act had not been passed.

    Section 214(2): amended, on 1 November 1999, pursuant to section 38(1) of the Interpretation Act 1999 (1999 No 85).