Social Security Act 1964

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  • This version was replaced on 8 February 2017 to make corrections to sections 3(1), 11, 11A(4), 61CF(2)(e), 61EA(2), 71A(4), 72(b), 74(1)(d), 86(2), 104A, 120(3), and Schedules 4, 18, 27, and 28 under section 25(1)(f), (i), (j)(ii), (iii), (iv), and (k) of the Legislation Act 2012.
126AC Disclosure to department of warrant to arrest beneficiary for determining effect on benefit


The purpose of this section is to authorise and require the disclosure of information by the Ministry of Justice to the department for the purpose of enabling the department to implement effectively section 75B (which relates to the effect on a benefit of a warrant to arrest the beneficiary).


For the purpose of this section, the chief executive of the Ministry of Justice must from time to time, in accordance with arrangements made with the chief executive of the department for the time being responsible for the administration of this Act, provide the latter chief executive with information about individuals for whose arrest a New Zealand court has (or 1 or more of the court’s Judges or Registrars has or have) at least 28 days before the provision of the information issued a warrant to arrest in criminal proceedings against the individual for an offence (being a warrant of that kind that has not been executed or withdrawn).


The information must be provided unless provision of the information is limited or prohibited by any enactment or by any order or direction of the court.


The information provided must, without limitation, include the individual’s name (including any alias), date of birth, and last known address, and the nature of the offence charged.


The chief executive of the department responsible for the administration of this Act may supply the information received to any officer or employee who is—


an officer or employee of the department; and


authorised by that chief executive to receive it.


The information must be provided in a form determined by agreement between the 2 chief executives.

Section 126AC: inserted, on 15 July 2013, by section 57 of the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 13).