Airport Authorities Act 1966

4A Charges


Subject to section 4B, every airport company may, notwithstanding the provision of any regulations in force under section 38 or section 100 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, set such charges as it from time to time thinks fit for the use of the airport operated or managed by it, or the services or facilities associated therewith.


Any charges set under this section may be charged to persons or classes of persons owning or operating aircraft, or to persons or classes of persons using or otherwise enjoying the benefit of the airport, services, or facilities, or to any other persons.


Nothing in section 43 of the Commerce Act 1986 applies in relation to the setting and charging of charges by an airport company.


This section does not limit the application of regulation under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986.

Section 4A: inserted, on 26 November 1998, by section 4(1) of the Airport Authorities Amendment Act 1997 (1997 No 90).

Section 4A(4): inserted, on 14 October 2008, by section 32(2) of the Commerce Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 70).