Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Act 1968

Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Act 1968

Public Act1968 No 109
Date of assent13 December 1968


This Act is administered in the Government Superannuation Fund Department.

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Act 1968, and shall be read together with and deemed part of the Government Superannuation Fund Act 1956 (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act).

2 Allowance to associate teachers
  • (1) This subsection amended the definition of the term salary in section 2(1) of the principal Act.

    (2) Where at the 1st day of February 1969 any additional salary is payable to any associate teacher or other teacher who is a contributor while he has students in his classroom for training purposes, that contributor may, at any time before the 1st day of August 1969, elect to contribute to the Fund in respect of the additional salary that he may from time to time receive by reason of the fact that he has students attending his classes for purposes of observation and training as teachers; and where any contributor so elects the principal Act shall be read in relation to that contributor as if subsection (1) of this section had not been passed.