Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971

208 Repeals, amendments, and savings


The enactments specified in Schedule 7 are hereby consequentially amended in the manner indicated in that schedule.


The enactments specified in Schedule 8 are hereby repealed.


All districts, offices, appointments, commissions, Proclamations, Orders in Council, regulations, orders, warrants, contracts, instruments, and all acts of authority that originated under or by virtue of any of the enactments repealed by this section, and are subsisting or in force at the commencement of this Act, shall continue for the purposes of this Act as fully and effectually as if they had originated under the corresponding provisions of this Act, and accordingly shall, where necessary, be deemed to have so originated; but so that in the case of current appointments for specified terms each such term shall be computed from the date of its commencement.


Notwithstanding the repeal of any enactment by subsection (2), all matters and proceedings commenced under any such enactment, and pending or in progress at the commencement of this Act, may be continued and completed under this Act.


The Naval Discipline Act 1957 of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and all Acts amending or continuing that Act, and all rules and regulations made under that Act, shall at the commencement of this Act cease to have effect as part of the law of New Zealand.