8HG Directions as to service


Where an application is made under section 8HE, the applicant shall apply to the Tribunal ex parte for directions as to service.


The applicant shall furnish with the application under this section a description of the land to which the application under section 8HE relates, which description—


shall include a full legal description of the land; and


shall be sufficient to enable the Tribunal to decide which persons may be adversely affected by the making, under section 8HE, of the recommendation sought.


The application under this section—


shall specify the directions considered appropriate; and


shall be accompanied by a memorandum by or on behalf of the applicant giving the reasons for the directions considered appropriate.


On an application being made under this section the Tribunal shall give such directions for service as it deems proper.

Section 8HG: inserted, on 25 October 1989, by section 40 of the Crown Forest Assets Act 1989 (1989 No 99).