8HH Public notice


Where an application is made under section 8HE, the applicant shall, in addition to complying with the directions given under section 8HG, give, in accordance with the directions of the Tribunal, public notice of the application.


The public notice shall be published both—


in the Gazette; and


in such newspapers circulating in the district in which the land is situated as the Tribunal directs.


The public notice shall—


describe the land and its location; and


state that an application has been made under section 8HE in respect of the land; and


indicate the land is Crown forest land that is subject to a Crown forestry licence; and


invite any Maori who considers that he or she, or any group of Maori of which he or she is a member, has grounds for a claim under section 6 in relation to the land, to submit that claim to the Tribunal before a date specified in the notice (which date shall be not less than 90 days after the first or only publication of the notice in the Gazette); and


describe briefly any claims already submitted under section 6 in respect of the land; and


where no claim has been submitted under section 6 in respect of the land, state that if no claim in relation to the land is submitted to the Tribunal under that section before the date specified in the notice, the Tribunal may recommend that the land not be liable to be returned to Maori ownership and the effect of any such recommendation; and


contain such other information as the Tribunal directs.

Section 8HH: inserted, on 25 October 1989, by section 40 of the Crown Forest Assets Act 1989 (1989 No 99).