Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975

Part 2 Procedure for establishing, disestablishing, and closing integrated schools

5 Application to negotiate integration


The proprietors of a private school that is registered under section 35A of the Education Act 1989, and any person who proposes to establish a school with the intention that it become an integrated school, may apply to the Minister to enter into negotiations for integration under this Act.


If the Minister accepts an application to negotiate, the applicant and the Minister may enter into negotiations for an integration agreement under section 7.


If the Minister declines the application, the applicant may make a fresh application at any time.


Without limiting the factors that the Minister may consider, the Minister must, in considering an application, consider the nature, character, and capacity of the existing network of schools.


The Minister has an absolute discretion to accept applications to enter into negotiations for integration under this Act, and may from time to time, after giving such public notice as he or she considers appropriate, decide not to consider applications from particular areas.

Section 5: replaced, on 19 December 1998, by section 3 of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Amendment Act 1998 (1998 No 119).