Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975

11B Cancellation by proprietors


The proprietors may give notice of an intention to cancel an agreement under section 11(1)(b) if—


it appears to the proprietors on reasonable grounds that—


the special character of the integrated school has been or is likely to be jeopardised; or


the Minister or any controlling authority is not carrying out the functions and obligations accepted by the Minister or the controlling authority under this Act or the integration agreement; and


the proprietors have consulted with the Minister, the controlling authority, and such other interested persons or groups as the proprietors consider appropriate.


The notice of intention to cancel takes effect as a cancellation of the integration agreement under section 11(1)(b) on the date 4 months after the date of the notice.

Section 11B: inserted, on 19 December 1998, by section 5 of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Amendment Act 1998 (1998 No 119).