Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975

General provisions regarding appointment of teachers

69 Employment for special purposes


With the consent of the controlling authority, any retired teacher may undertake, in any integrated school, voluntary tasks relating to the beliefs and instruction that are the foundation of that school’s special character.


Where religious instruction forms part of the education with a special character provided by an integrated school, the proprietors of that school may employ any person, whether as a chaplain or otherwise, for duties relating to that instruction. The salary of any such person shall not be paid by the controlling authority or be in any way a charge on money appropriated by Parliament. The proprietors shall notify the controlling authority the name of any persons so appointed.


When a controlling authority so wishes and subject to the prior consent of the Secretary, a person employed in accordance with subsection (2) may be employed in the same school in a part-time teaching position, and may be paid by the controlling authority at the salary rate appropriate to the position:

provided that no such person shall be so employed unless, according to the report of an inspector of schools, he is sufficiently competent to be employed as a part-time teacher in a State school.

Section 69(3): amended, on 1 October 1989, pursuant to section 144(2) of the Education Act 1989 (1989 No 80).