Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975

  • repealed
  • Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975: repealed, on 19 May 2017, by section 159 of the Education (Update) Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 20).
82 Regulations


The Governor-General may from time to time, by Order in Council, make regulations for all or any of the following purposes:


prescribing a form of integration agreement:


providing for the general control, management, organisation, finance, and conduct of integrated schools.


Where there appears to be a conflict between the provisions of regulations so made and regulations made pursuant to the Education Act 1964, the School Trustees Act 1989, the Education Act 1989, or any enactment repealed by any of those Acts, the provisions of the regulations made under this Act shall apply.

Section 82(2): amended, on 1 October 1989, by section 141 of the Education Act 1989 (1989 No 80).