75 Afforestation by administering body




any recreation reserve or local purpose reserve, or any part thereof, is not for the time being required for the purpose for which it is classified; or


the administering body of a recreation reserve has decided under section 53(1)(a)(ii) that it is necessary or desirable to afforest the reserve or any part thereof in any development, improvement, or management programme,—

the administering body may, with the prior consent of the Minister, afforest, or enter into a contract for the afforestation of, the reserve or that part thereof:

provided that before commencing to afforest or entering into a contract for the afforestation of the reserve or any part of the reserve, the administering body shall give public notice in accordance with section 119 specifying the afforestation intended to be carried out, and shall give full consideration in accordance with section 120 to all objections against and submissions in relation to the proposed afforestation received pursuant to the said section 120.


The Minister may decline to give his or her consent under this section if for any reason he or she considers it to be in the public interest, and he or she shall not give his or her consent unless he or she is satisfied that the administering body or, as the case may be, the contractor has the financial resources and managerial ability to carry out the afforestation, and has provided or will provide adequate safeguards to prevent the destruction of or damage to any natural, scenic, historic, cultural, archaeological, biological, geological, or other scientific features or indigenous flora and fauna.