Schedule 4 Notice requiring claim to be heard by Land Valuation Tribunal

s 84

Public Works Act 1981

To the Registrar of the District Court at [place]

Whereas a claim for compensation for the amount of $[amount] in respect of land taken or (in respect of land injuriously affected or damaged) in which I have an interest, a copy of which claim is attached, was made by me on [date] on, and was served on, the Minister of Lands or [name of local authority] and the said Minister or (local authority) has refused to admit the claim or (has made me an offer of $[amount] in lieu of the claim which I do not accept):

This is to give notice that I require the claim to be heard by a Land Valuation Tribunal under the Public Works Act 1981.

Dated at [place, date].

Signature of claimant:

Schedule 4: amended, on 1 April 1988, by section 84(3) of the Public Works Amendment Act 1988 (1988 No 43).