43 Statutory exceptions


Nothing in this Part applies in respect of any act, matter, or thing that is, or is of a kind, specifically authorised by any enactment or Order in Council made under any Act.


For the purposes of subsection (1), an enactment or Order in Council does not provide specific authority for an act, matter, or thing if it provides in general terms for that act, matter, or thing, notwithstanding that the act, matter, or thing requires or may be subject to approval or authorisation by a Minister of the Crown, statutory body or a person holding any particular office, or, in the case of a rule made or an act, matter, or thing done pursuant to any enactment, approval or authorisation by Order in Council.


No act, matter, or thing authorised under section 7(2)(i) of the Sharebrokers Amendment Act 1981 or section 70(1)(n) of the Real Estate Agents Act 1976 as enacted immediately before the commencement of this Act, shall be taken to be specifically authorised under subsection (1).

Compare: 1975 No 113 ss 22(7), 27(3)(c); 1976 No 67 ss 15(1), 20(2)(b)