17ZF Aircraft


No aircraft shall land or take off from any site within a conservation area that is not a certified aerodrome unless—


there is an emergency arising from—


mechanical or structural or operational defects in the aircraft or its equipment; or


weather conditions or other causes not under the control of the pilot in command; or


the action is necessary to establish, construct, operate, maintain, repair, or replace a maritime navigational aid; or


a concession has been obtained for the purpose from the Minister.


Any concession document granted for such purpose by the Minister shall be in the possession of the operator and have been sighted by the pilot in command of the aircraft prior to landing or taking off.


This section does not apply to any aircraft operated by the New Zealand Defence Force or the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand.


Nothing in this section implies any responsibility by the Minister or liability for the safety of any aircraft or person aboard an aircraft while the aircraft is in the air or landing.


For the purposes of this section, landing includes the hovering of any aircraft and the setting down or taking on of goods or persons from an aircraft.

Section 17ZF: inserted, on 1 July 1996, by section 7(1) of the Conservation Amendment Act 1996 (1996 No 1).