Immigration Act 1987

  • repealed
  • Immigration Act 1987: repealed, at 2 am on 29 November 2010, by section 404 of the Immigration Act 2009 (2009 No 51).
126B Responsibilities of domestic passengers travelling by air within New Zealand
  • (1) Where any domestic passenger is using air travel for a domestic sector, this section shall apply to that passenger from the time at which that passenger enters the departure hall at the commencement of the domestic sector until the time at which the passenger leaves the arrival hall at the end of the domestic sector.

    (2) Every person to whom this section applies shall, on demand made by an immigration officer,—

    • (a) produce for inspection such of the following documents as the officer may specify:

      • (i) that person's boarding pass:

      • (ii) that person's tickets:

      • (iii) if carried by that person, that person's passport or certificate of identity:

      • (iv) such other document or documents as may from time to time be prescribed; or

    • (b) if the person is unable to produce the specified document or the specified documents, complete a form approved and issued for the purpose by the Minister under section 132 of this Act.

    (3) A demand under subsection (2) of this section may be made of a person only for the purpose of enabling the immigration officer to establish that person's identity or that person's entitlement to air travel for a domestic sector or both.

    (4) Every boarding pass or passport or certificate of identity or other documents or tickets produced by a person to an immigration officer under subsection (2) of this section shall be either—

    • (a) inspected immediately and returned to the person as soon as the inspection has concluded; or

    • (b) retained by the immigration officer for as long as is necessary for that officer to determine whether or not he or she wishes to exercise any power under this Act in relation to the person or the boarding pass or passport or certificate of identity or other documents or tickets.

    (5) Nothing in this section shall limit the exercise by an immigration officer of any power contained in any other provision of this Act.

    Section 126B: inserted, on 1 November 1994, by section 13 of the Air Facilitation (Domestic Passengers and Cargo) Act 1994 (1994 No 100).

    Section 126B(1): substituted, on 1 October 1996, by section 289(1) of the Customs and Excise Act 1996 (1996 No 27).