Immigration Act 1987

  • repealed
  • Immigration Act 1987: repealed, at 2 am on 29 November 2010, by section 404 of the Immigration Act 2009 (2009 No 51).
141AD Interpretation
  • In sections 141AE and 141AF, unless the context otherwise requires,—

    authorised officer means any officer, employee, or agent of the Department who is authorised by the chief executive of the Department to supply information to, or receive information from, the Secretary of Labour under section 141AE

    Department means the Ministry of Justice or other department of State that, with the authority of the Prime Minister, is for the time being responsible for the enforcement of fines

    fine means—

    • (a) a fine within the meaning of section 79 of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957 or an amount of reparation:

    • (b) a fine or other sum of money to which any of sections 19 to 19E of the Crimes Act 1961 applies:

    • (c) a fine to which any of sections 43 to 46 of the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Act 1978 applies:

    fines enforcement action includes the execution of a warrant to arrest a person in respect of the non-payment of the whole, or of any part, of any fine

    identifying information means personal information that identifies an individual, which may include the individual's passport number

    reparation means—

    • (a) any amount that is required to be paid under a sentence of reparation; or

    • (b) any amount that is required to be paid under any order of reparation as defined in section 145D of the Sentencing Act 2002

    serious default, in relation to a person, means that—

    • (a) the person owes—

      • (i) an amount of $1,000 (or any other lesser amount that may be fixed by the Governor-General by Order in Council) or more in relation to 1 or more unpaid fines (other than an amount of reparation); or

      • (ii) any amount of reparation; and

    • (b) a warrant to arrest the person has been issued in respect of the non-payment of the whole, or of any part, of any amount referred to in paragraph (a); and

    • (c) the warrant has not been withdrawn or executed.

    Section 141AD: inserted, on 1 June 2005, by section 204 of the Corrections Act 2004 (2004 No 50).

    Section 141AD fine paragraph (d): added, on 17 November 2009, by section 478 of the Immigration Act 2009 (2009 No 51).