State Sector Act 1988

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59 Employees of Departments
  • (1) The chief executive of a Department—

    • (a) May from time to time appoint such employees (including acting or temporary or casual employees) as the chief executive thinks necessary for the efficient exercise of the functions, duties, and powers of the Department; and

    • (b) may, subject to any conditions of employment included in the employment agreement applying to the employee, at any time remove any employee from that employee's office or employment.

    (2) Unless expressly provided to the contrary in this Act, the chief executive shall have all the rights, duties, and powers of an employer in respect of the persons employed in the Department for which the chief executive is responsible.

    Subsection (1)(b) was amended, as from 15 May 1991, by section 4 State Sector Amendment Act 1991 (1991 No 31) by substituting the words the employment contract applying to the employee for the words any award or agreement.

    Subsection (1)(b) was substituted, as from 2 October 2000, by section 240 Employment Relations Act 2000 (2000 No 24).