Part 2 Complaints

5 Principles

This Part is based on the following principles:


broadcasters have a responsibility to deal with complaints relating to broadcasts and must establish a proper procedure to deal with them:


a body other than the broadcaster must be available to complainants to ensure that broadcasters discharge their responsibilities in relation to programme standards:


complaints based merely on a complainant’s preferences are not, in general, capable of being resolved by a complaints procedure:


an independent complaints procedure is not a substitute for proper consideration of complaints by the broadcaster:


complaints should be made promptly to the broadcaster:


formal complaints must be made in writing:


most complaints that are capable of being resolved by an independent complaints procedure should not be required to be resolved by that procedure but should be capable of being resolved by proper consideration and proper response on the part of the broadcaster:


the first consideration of a complaint should be prompt and without undue formality:


further consideration of a complaint calls for greater formality.

Compare: 1976 No 132 s 95A(b)–(j); 1982 No 6 s 11