155A Te Aho Matua


Te Aho Matua is a statement that sets out an approach to teaching and learning that applies to schools designated under section 155.


The official version of Te Aho Matua is the statement (including any gazetted amendments) in te reo Maori that is—


prepared by te kaitiaki o Te Aho Matua (as defined in section 155B); and


published in the Gazette under the authority of the Minister.


The Minister may from time to time authorise the reprinting of all, or the amendment of any part, of Te Aho Matua in the Gazette, but only if asked to do so by te kaitiaki o Te Aho Matua.


When all, or an amendment to any part, of Te Aho Matua is published in the Gazette, the Minister must ensure that an explanation in English of Te Aho Matua, or of the amendment (as the case may be), is published in the same Gazette.


The explanation must be one that te kaitiaki o Te Aho Matua has approved as being an accurate interpretation of the meaning of the Maori text.

Section 155A: inserted, on 17 July 1999, by section 3 of the Education (Te Aho Matua) Amendment Act 1999 (1999 No 79).