Education Act 1989

245 General saving of statutes, etc, of University of New Zealand

All statutes, regulations, rulings, and decisions, and all other acts of authority, of the Senate of the University of New Zealand or any committee or board of that Senate or University or of the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor or any officer of that University, so far as they were subsisting immediately before the commencement of this section by virtue of section 53(1) of the Universities Act 1961 and are capable of application to the Vice-Chancellors Committee, apply to that Committee except so far as they are repealed, replaced, or amended by any enactment, or by regulations, rulings, decisions, or other acts of authority of that Committee under powers conferred by this Act or any other enactment.

Section 245: inserted, on 23 July 1990, by section 41 of the Education Amendment Act 1990 (1990 No 60).