Radiocommunications Act 1989

57B Modification or cancellation of spectrum licence by rightholder and manager


If a spectrum licence provides that the spectrum licence may be modified or cancelled by the manager and the rightholder together and the manager and the rightholder in relation to that spectrum licence agree to modify any matter specified on the spectrum licence or to cancel the spectrum licence, the manager or the rightholder may present to the Registrar for the purposes of registration a notice in the prescribed form.


Every notice presented under subsection (1) must be signed by both the manager and the rightholder.


The notice must specify—


the modification to the licence; and


the date from which the modification or cancellation is to apply.

Section 57B: inserted, on 12 October 2001, by section 25 of the Radiocommunications Amendment Act 2000 (2000 No 8).