Insolvency Amendment Act 1990

  • repealed
  • Insolvency Amendment Act 1990: repealed, on 3 December 2007, by section 443(1) of the Insolvency Act 2006 (2006 No 55)

as at 3 December 2007

Insolvency Amendment Act 1990

Public Act1990 No 7
Date of assent19 March 1990
  • Insolvency Amendment Act 1990: repealed, on 3 December 2007, pursuant to section 443(1) of the Insolvency Act 2006 (2006 No 55).


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this eprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this eprint, together with other explanatory material about this eprint.

This Act is administered in the Department of Justice.


An Act to amend the Insolvency Act 1967

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows:

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Insolvency Amendment Act 1990, and shall be read together with and deemed part of the Insolvency Act 1967 (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act).

  • (1) This subsection substituted section 132, and inserted section 132A, of the principal Act.

    (2) Nothing in sections 132 and 132A of the principal Act (as substituted by subsection (1) of this section) shall apply in respect of any bankruptcy in any case where an audit of the Assignee's accounts has been commenced before the coming into force of this section, and the provisions of section 132 of the principal Act shall, notwithstanding its repeal by this section, continue to apply in relation to that bankruptcy.

    (3) [Repealed]


    (5) The Insolvency Regulations 1970 are hereby amended

    • (a) By revoking regulation 48A and the heading above that regulation (as substituted by regulation 3 of the Insolvency Regulations 1970, Amendment No 6); and

    Subsection (3) was repealed, as from 1 July 1994, by section 3(3) Insolvency Amendment Act 1994 (1994 No 40).



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1 General
  • This is an eprint of the Insolvency Amendment Act 1990. It incorporates all the amendments to the Insolvency Amendment Act 1990 as at 3 December 2007. The list of amendments at the end of these notes specifies all the amendments incorporated into this eprint since 3 September 2007. Relevant provisions of any amending enactments that contain transitional, savings, or application provisions are also included, after the Principal enactment, in chronological order.

2 About this eprint
  • This eprint has not been officialised. For more information about officialisation, please see "Making online legislation official" under "Status of legislation on this site" in the About section of this website.

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