Serious Fraud Office Act 1990

10 Power to obtain search warrant


The Director may, on application in writing made on oath, apply for a warrant to search any place specified in the application.


Any Judge who, on such an application, is satisfied—


that there are reasonable grounds for believing—


that any information supplied pursuant to section 9 is false or misleading in a material particular; or


that a person has failed to comply with any obligation imposed pursuant to section 9; or


that it is not practicable to serve a notice under section 9 by reason of the fact that the person cannot be located or is absent from New Zealand or other good cause; or


that the service of a notice under section 9 might seriously prejudice the investigation; and


that there are reasonable grounds for believing that there may be, at the place specified in the application, any documents or other thing that may be relevant to an investigation or may be evidence of any offence involving serious or complex fraud,—

may issue a warrant in the prescribed form.


Part 3 shall apply to any such warrant.