Education Amendment Act 1990

17 Terms, holidays, and closure of schools
  • (1) This subsection inserted sections 65A to 65G of the principal Act.

    (2) Sections 65A to 65G of the principal Act (as inserted by subsection (1) of this section) shall have effect in respect of the year 1991 as if—

    • (a) The number of half days on which schools must be open in that year; and

    • (b) The means for ascertaining the terms schools must observe during that year; and

    • (c) The days during that year (in addition to those specified in section 65C(1) of the principal Act) on which Boards may close the schools they administer,—

    specified in the Education (Terms and Holidays) Regulations 1984 (in the form in which those regulations were in force immediately before the day on which this Act received the Royal assent) had (respectively) been prescribed by the Minister in respect of that year under sections 65A(1), 65B(1), and 65C(3) of the principal Act.