Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993
Maori Land Act 1993

8 Chief Judge and deputy


The Governor-General shall from time to time, by warrant, appoint a Chief Judge of the Maori Land Court and a Deputy Chief Judge of the Maori Land Court.


Subject to subsection (3), every person appointed as Chief Judge or as Deputy Chief Judge shall hold that office so long as that person holds office as a Judge.


With the prior approval of the Governor-General, the Chief Judge and the Deputy Chief Judge may resign that office without resigning the office of Judge.


Whenever by reason of illness, absence from New Zealand, or any other cause the Chief Judge is prevented from exercising the duties of office, or during any vacancy in the office of Chief Judge, the Deputy Chief Judge shall, until the Chief Judge resumes or takes up the duties of office, have and may perform and exercise all the functions, duties, and powers of the Chief Judge.

Compare: 1953 No 94 ss 16, 17; 1974 No 73 s 43(1)