Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993
Maori Land Act 1993

40 Power of Judge to refer matter to Registrar


Subject to the rules of court, a Judge may refer to a Registrar for inquiry and report—


any proceedings that require the preparation of any whakapapa; or


any proceedings that require any prolonged examination of documents or any scientific or local investigation that cannot, in the opinion of the Judge, conveniently be made before the Judge:


any proceedings where the question in dispute consists wholly or in part of matters of account:


with the consent of the parties, any other proceedings:


any question arising in any proceedings.


Where any proceedings or questions are referred to a Registrar under this section, a Judge may direct how the reference shall be conducted, and may remit any report for further inquiry and report, and, on consideration of any report or further report, may give such judgment or make such order in the proceedings as may be just.


A Judge may, after deciding or reserving any question of liability, refer to the Registrar or to the Registrar and an accountant any mere matter of account that is in dispute between the parties, and, after deciding the question of liability, may give judgment on the Registrar’s report.

Compare: 1947 No 16 s 62