Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993
Maori Land Act 1993

56 Powers of court on appeal


On any appeal, the Maori Appellate Court may, by order, do such 1 or more of the following things as it thinks fit:


it may affirm the order appealed from:


it may annul or revoke that order, with or without the substitution of any other order:


it may vary that order:


it may direct the Maori Land Court to make such other or additional order as the Maori Appellate Court thinks fit:


it may direct a rehearing by the Maori Land Court of the whole or any specified part of the matter to which the order relates:


it may make any order that the Maori Land Court could have made in the proceedings:


it may dismiss the appeal.


The Maori Appellate Court, in the exercise of the jurisdiction conferred on it by this section, may exercise, as though it were the Maori Land Court, any of the discretionary powers conferred upon that court.

Compare: 1953 No 94 s 45; 1962 No 45 s 5