Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993
Maori Land Act 1993

119 Court’s powers in relation to whanau and putea trusts


The court shall not exercise the powers conferred by section 117 or section 118 to vest any interest in Maori freehold land in the administrator of the estate of the deceased owner or in any person beneficially entitled to that interest if—


there is, in respect of any interests in that land, a putea trust constituted under section 212 or a whanau trust constituted under section 214; and


the court has fixed a minimum value in respect of interests in that land below which any interest may be transferred to the trustees for the purposes of the putea trust or whanau trust so constituted; and


the value of the interest before the court is less than the minimum value so fixed,—

unless the trustees of the putea trust or the whanau trust so constituted consent to the exercise of those powers by the court.


Nothing in section 117 or section 118 shall limit or affect the powers of the court to constitute a putea trust under section 212 or a whanau trust under section 214 in respect of any interest in any Maori freehold land belonging to an estate to which this Part applies.