Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993
Maori Land Act 1993

263 Incorporation to have share register


Every Maori incorporation shall, forthwith upon its constitution, establish a register (referred to as the share register), which shall constitute the official record of the shareholders, together with the number of shares held by each, and the address of each (where known).


The share register shall be opened with the list of shareholders annexed to the order of incorporation.


Every Maori incorporation having more than 50 shareholders shall, unless the share register is in such form as to constitute in itself an index, keep an accurate index of the names of the shareholders, containing a sufficient indication to enable the location of the entry in the share register relating to each shareholder.


A Maori incorporation may, at the request of any shareholder, issue to that shareholder a certificate under seal in the prescribed form showing the extent of the shares held by that shareholder in the incorporation at the date of issue of the certificate.


Any such certificate shall not be construed as evidence of title otherwise than at the time specified in the certificate, and shall so state on the face of the certificate.


The share register, which shall be maintained by the incorporation, shall, during office hours, be open to public inspection on payment of the fee (if any) prescribed in respect of such inspection.

Compare: 1967 No 124 s 32(4)–(6)