9 Postponement of application of principle 11 to lists used for direct marketing


Nothing in principle 11 shall apply, before 1 July 1996, in relation to the disclosure, by any agency, of personal information collected before 1 July 1993 for direct marketing purposes, where that disclosure is made to another agency for the purpose of enabling that other agency to engage in direct marketing.


For the purposes of subsection (1), direct marketing means—


the offering of goods or services; or


the advertising of the availability of goods or services; or


the solicitation of donations or contributions for charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational, political, or other purposes,—

by means of—


information or goods sent to any person by mail, facsimile transmission, electronic mail, or other similar means of communication, where the information or goods are addressed to a specific person or specific persons by name; or


telephone calls made to specific persons by name.