Information matching guidelines

98 Information matching guidelines

The following matters are the matters referred to in section 13(1)(f) to which the Commissioner shall have particular regard, in examining any proposed legislation that makes provision for the collection of personal information by any public sector agency, or the disclosure of personal information by one public sector agency to any other public sector agency, in any case where the Commissioner considers that the information might be used for the purposes of an information matching programme:


whether or not the objective of the programme relates to a matter of significant public importance:


whether or not the use of the programme to achieve that objective will result in monetary savings that are both significant and quantifiable, or in other comparable benefits to society:


whether or not the use of an alternative means of achieving that objective would give either of the results referred to in paragraph (b):


whether or not the public interest in allowing the programme to proceed outweighs the public interest in adhering to the information privacy principles that the programme would otherwise contravene:


whether or not the programme involves information matching on a scale that is excessive, having regard to—


the number of agencies that will be involved in the programme; and


the amount of detail about an individual that will be matched under the programme:


whether or not the programme will comply with the information matching rules.