Part 12 Miscellaneous provisions


115 Protection against certain actions


Where any personal information is made available in good faith pursuant to principle 6,—


no proceedings, civil or criminal, shall lie against the Crown or any other person in respect of the making available of that information, or for any consequences that follow from the making available of that information; and


no proceedings, civil or criminal, in respect of any publication involved in, or resulting from, the making available of that information shall lie against the author of the information or any other person by reason of that author or other person having supplied the information to an agency.


The making available of, or the giving of access to, any personal information in consequence of a request made under principle 6 shall not be taken, for the purposes of the law relating to defamation or breach of confidence or infringement of copyright, to constitute an authorisation or approval of the publication of the document or of its contents by the individual to whom the information is made available or the access is given.

Compare: 1982 No 156 s 48; 1987 No 8 s 21; 1987 No 174 s 41