72C Referral of complaint to overseas privacy enforcement authority


Where, on receiving a complaint under this Part, the Commissioner considers that the complaint relates, in whole or in part, to a matter that is more properly within the jurisdiction of an overseas privacy enforcement authority, the Commissioner may consult with that authority in order to determine the appropriate means of dealing with the complaint.


As soon as practicable after consulting with the overseas privacy enforcement authority under subsection (1), the Commissioner must determine whether the complaint should be dealt with, in whole or in part, under this Act.


If the Commissioner determines that the complaint should be dealt with, in whole or in part, by the overseas privacy enforcement authority, and both the authority and the complainant agree, the Commissioner may refer the complaint or, as the case requires, the appropriate part of the complaint, to the authority to be dealt with.


In this section, overseas privacy enforcement authority or authority means any overseas public body that is responsible for enforcing legislation that protects personal information, and that has the power to conduct investigations and pursue enforcement proceedings.

Section 72C: inserted, on 8 September 2010, by section 7 of the Privacy (Cross-border Information) Amendment Act 2010 (2010 No 113).