96K Requirements for Order in Council

An Order in Council must—


state, if applicable,—


the nature of the exemption granted under section 96J(2) and the conditions of the exemption (if any):


how any of the information privacy principles or any code of practice will be modified under section 96J(2):


state the public service or public services the provision of which the information sharing agreement is intended to facilitate:


specify with due particularity the personal information or the type of personal information to be shared under the agreement:


set out the parties, or classes of parties, to the agreement and designate 1 of the parties as the lead agency:


for every party to the agreement,—


describe the personal information or type of personal information that the party may share with each of the other parties; and


state how the party may use the personal information; and


state the adverse actions that the party can reasonably be expected to take as a result of sharing personal information under the agreement; and


specify the procedure that the party must follow before taking adverse action against an individual as a result of sharing personal information under the agreement if the requirement in section 96Q(1) does not apply because of section 96R(a)(ii):


state how a copy of the agreement can be accessed.

Section 96K: inserted, on 27 February 2013, by section 8 of the Privacy Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 1).