96O Consultation on proposed information sharing agreement


The agencies proposing to enter into an information sharing agreement must, before the proposed agreement is concluded,—


consult with, and invite submissions on the proposed agreement from,—


the Commissioner; and


any person or organisation that the agencies consider represents the interests of the classes of individuals whose personal information will be shared under the proposed agreement; and


any other person or organisation that the agencies consider should be consulted; and


have regard to any submissions made under paragraph (a).


The Commissioner—


must consider the privacy implications of the proposed agreement; and


may make any submissions under subsection (1)(a)(i) that he or she thinks fit.


The agencies must give the relevant Minister a copy of the submissions made under subsection (1)(a) (if any).

Section 96O: inserted, on 27 February 2013, by section 8 of the Privacy Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 1).