96X Report on findings of review


After completing a review under section 96W, the Commissioner may report to the relevant Minister if he or she has reasonable grounds to suspect that an approved information sharing agreement is—


operating in an unusual or unexpected way (that is, in a way that was not foreseen by the Commissioner or the parties to the agreement at the time the agreement was entered into):


failing to facilitate the provision of the public service or public services to which it relates:


unreasonably impinging on the privacy of individuals:


operating in such a way that the costs of sharing personal information under the agreement outweigh the benefits of sharing it.


The Commissioner may recommend in the report that—


the parties to the agreement should amend it in 1 or more material respects; or


the Order in Council by which the agreement was approved should be revoked.

Section 96X: inserted, on 27 February 2013, by section 8 of the Privacy Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 1).