96 Electoral Commission’s objection


The Electoral Commission may at any time object to the name of any person being on the roll for a district on the ground that the person is not qualified to be registered as an elector of the district.


If the Electoral Commission objects, it must give notice in writing of the objection to—


the person objected to; or


a representative of the person objected to.


The notice must—


inform the person objected to—


of the grounds for the objection; and


of the reasons supporting the grounds for objection; and


that the person may forward to the Electoral Commission a statement signed by the person giving reasons why the person’s name should be retained on the roll; and


that the person’s name will be retained on the roll if the person provides the Electoral Commission with evidence that satisfies the Electoral Commission that the person’s name should be retained on the roll; and


that, if the person fails to forward a statement to the Electoral Commission within 14 days after the date on which the notice is served on the person, the Electoral Commission will remove the person’s name from the roll under section 95B; and


be served personally in accordance with the rules governing personal service contained in the District Courts Rules 2014.


If the Electoral Commission is unable, after making any inquiries it thinks fit, to serve notice of objection on the person objected to personally, after making at least 2 attempts, the Electoral Commission must—


remove the person’s name from the roll; and


include the person’s name in the dormant roll maintained under section 109.


Nothing in this section affects any other provision of this Act that relates to the removal of names from the roll by the Electoral Commission.

Section 96: replaced, on 21 March 2017, by section 41 of the Electoral Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 9).