174A Ballot papers, etc, to be compiled, certified, and sent to Returning Officer


After completing the preliminary count under section 174, the manager of the polling place must—


ensure that the following documents are enclosed in 1 or more parcels:


the used ballot papers:


the ballot papers set aside under section 171:


the certified copies of the main roll and supplementary rolls that have been marked by issuing officers to indicate the persons who applied to vote:


all the counterfoils of ballot papers that have been issued to voters and all the unused ballot papers:


all the spoilt ballot papers; and


ensure that each parcel is properly secured and endorsed with a description of its contents, the name of the district, the name or other identifier of the polling place, and the date of the polling; and


ensure that 1 or more certificates are prepared that certify—


the number of votes received by each party (if applicable):


the number of votes received by each candidate (if applicable):


the number of informal party votes:


the number of informal electorate votes:


the number of ballot papers set aside under section 171:


the number of spoilt ballot papers:


the number of ballot papers issued to special voters:


the number of unused ballot papers:


the total number of ballot papers allocated for use at the polling place; and


sign, and invite each scrutineer who is present to sign, every endorsement prepared under paragraph (b) and every certificate prepared under paragraph (c).


The manager must ensure that all parcels mentioned in this section are sent to the Returning Officer without delay.


This section does not prevent any of the documents referred to in subparagraphs (ii) to (v) of subsection (1)(a) from being placed in 1 or more parcels before the preliminary count under section 174 has commenced or while it is in progress.

Section 174A: inserted, on 28 February 2002, by section 67(1) of the Electoral Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 1).