Maintenance of order at elections

194 Manager of polling place to maintain order


Every manager of a polling place must maintain order and keep the peace at the polling place, and may, without any other warrant than this Act,—


cause to be arrested and taken before a Justice any person reasonably suspected of committing or attempting to commit at the polling place any of the offences set out in section 201; or


cause to be removed a person who obstructs the approaches to the polling place or wilfully and unnecessarily obstructs the proceedings at the polling or conducts himself or herself in a disorderly manner or causes a disturbance or wilfully acts in any manner in defiance of the lawful directions of the manager of the polling place.


All constables must aid and assist the manager of the polling place in the performance of his or her duty.

Section 194: substituted, on 28 February 2002, by section 78 of the Electoral Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 1).