250 Costs of petition


All costs of and incidental to the presentation of an election petition to which section 229(3) applies, and to the proceedings consequent thereon, except such as are by this Act otherwise provided for shall be defrayed by the parties to the petition in such manner and in such proportions as the High Court may determine; and, in particular, any costs which, in the opinion of the court, have been caused by vexatious conduct, unfounded allegations, or unfounded objections on the part either of the petitioner or of the respondent, and any needless expenses incurred or caused on the part of the petitioner or respondent, may be ordered to be defrayed by the parties by whom they were caused or incurred, whether those parties are or are not on the whole successful.


If a petitioner fails for 6 months after demand to pay to any person summoned as a witness on the petitioner’s behalf, or to the respondent, any sum certified to be due to that person for costs, and the failure is within 1 year after the demand proved to the satisfaction of the High Court, every person who has under this Act entered into a recognisance relating to the petition shall be held to have made default in the recognisance, and it shall be dealt with in the manner provided by section 21 of the Crown Proceedings Act 1950.

Compare: 1956 No 107 s 176