Companies Act 1993

257 Duties in relation to final report and accounts


As soon as practicable after completing his or her duties in relation to the liquidation, the liquidator of a company must—


prepare and send to every creditor whose claim has been admitted and every shareholder—


the final report and statement of realisation and distribution in respect of the liquidation; and


a statement that—


all known assets have been disclaimed, or realised, or distributed without realisation; and


all proceeds of realisation have been distributed; and


the company is ready to be removed from the New Zealand register; and


a summary of the applicable grounds on which the creditor or shareholder may object to the removal of the company from the New Zealand register under section 321:


send or deliver copies of the documents referred to in paragraph (a) to the Registrar for registration.


The court may, on the application of a liquidator,—


exempt the liquidator from compliance with the provisions of subsection (1); or


modify the application of those provisions in relation to the liquidator,—

on such terms and conditions as the court thinks fit.