Child Support Amendment Act 1994

Child Support Amendment Act 1994

Public Act1994 No 74
Date of assent15 July 1994


This Act is administered in the Inland Revenue Department.

An Act to amend the Child Support Act 1991

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows:

1 Short Title and commencement
  • (1) This Act may be cited as the Child Support Amendment Act 1994, and shall be read together with and deemed part of the Child Support Act 1991 (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act).

    (2) Except as otherwise provided in sections 5(2), 6(2), 8(3), and 9(4), this Act shall come into force on the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

12 Regulations
  • (1) 

    (2) The first Order in Council made under section 235(ca) of the principal Act (as inserted by subsection (1) of this section) may have effect from the commencement of the child support year.

13 Transitional provision relating to departure order applications pending as at 1 July 1994
  • (1) Where an application has been made to the Family Court under section 104 of the principal Act before the 1st day of July 1994 but has not been heard by the Court, the applicant may elect, subject to this section, to withdraw the application and to make an application to the Commissioner under Part 6A of the principal Act.

    (2) There shall be no right of election if—

    • (a) The qualifying custodian or the liable parent is a party to another application pending in a Family Court, and the Court is satisfied that it would be appropriate for the Court to consider the application made under section 104 of the principal Act at the same time as it hears the other application; or

    • (b) The application relates, wholly or in part, to child support payable in the child support year ending on the 31st day of March 1994 or any earlier child support year.

    (3) No person may exercise the right contained in this section later than the 1st day of September 1994 or the date on which the Court commences hearing the application, whichever is the earlier.