Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995

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20 Guardians may change child’s names within 2 years of birth


Subject to subsection (2), within 2 years of a child’s birth—


the child’s guardians jointly; or


if any guardians are unavailable, the other or others of them; or


if, on the application of one guardian, the Family Court has consented to a change in the child’s name, that guardian,—

may, by notice in writing to a Registrar, request the Registrar to omit, amend, or replace any name specified for the child under section 19 or under a former Act, or specify for the child a further name or names; and in that case, subject to subsection (2) of this section and section 18, the Registrar shall, on payment of the prescribed fee, include the child’s new names in the information relating to the birth recorded under the Act concerned.


A Registrar shall not, under subsection (1), include any new names in the registration of a child’s birth—


if the request concerned was made pursuant to an order of the Family Court, and is not in accordance with any conditions subject to which the order was made; or


more than once in respect of the same child, unless satisfied that there are special reasons making it appropriate to do so.