280L Direct access to arrival and departure information for purposes of Child Support Act 1991


The purpose of this section is to facilitate the Department’s access to information stored in a database for the purpose of assisting the Commissioner to—


locate any person who is in serious default in the payment of any financial support debt:


take appropriate debt recovery action against that person.


The chief executive may, for the purpose of this section, allow the Commissioner to access a database in accordance with a written agreement entered into by the chief executive and the Commissioner.


In accessing a database for the purpose of this section, the Commissioner—


may only search for arrival or departure information relating to preselected persons who are of interest to the Commissioner; and


must not search for—


any information other than arrival or departure information:


any information about a person who is not in serious default.


The Commissioner must take all reasonable steps to ensure that—


only persons with appropriate powers delegated to them by the Commissioner—


have access to the database; and


use the database; and


a record is kept of—


every occasion on which persons access a database; and


the reason for accessing the database; and


the identity of the person who accessed the database; and


every person who accesses a database for the purpose of this section complies with subsection (3).


In this section,—

access a database includes remote access to a database

database means any information recording system used by the Customs to store arrival or departure information.

Section 280L: inserted, on 8 August 2008, by section 293 of the Taxation (Business Taxation and Remedial Matters) Act 2007 (2007 No 109).