Fisheries Act 1996

Part 8 Registration of transfers, mortgages, caveats, etc


124 Registers


The chief executive shall keep, in respect of each quota management stock,—


a register to be called the Quota Register:


a register to be called the Annual Catch Entitlement Register; and there shall be separate Annual Catch Entitlement Registers for each fishing year.


The registers may be kept in the form of information stored by means of a computer.


The registers may be kept in conjunction with any other register required to be kept under this Act.


The Crown owns all information contained in any Quota Register or Annual Catch Entitlement Register that is required by this Act to be contained in that register.


Without limiting anything in section 297, regulations under that section may provide for the operation of the registers under this section, including the electronic transmission of documents and information for the purposes of notifying any matter and inspection of the register.