Conservation Amendment Act 1998

Conservation Amendment Act 1998

Public Act1998 No 33
Date of assent3 June 1998

An Act to amend the Conservation Act 1987

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows:

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Conservation Amendment Act 1998, and is part of the Conservation Act 1987 (the principal Act).

2 Effect of general policies, conservation management strategies, and management plans
  • This section substituted s 17N(6) of the principal Act.

3 Restrictions on fishing
  • (1) This subsection amended s 26ZL(1) of the principal Act.

    (2) This subsection inserted s 26ZL(2A) of the principal Act.

4 Determination of closed seasons for fishing
  • This section amended s 26ZP of the principal Act.