Schedule 81 Tōpuni for Kahurangi

ss 238, 239

Description of area

The area over which the Tōpuni is created is the area known as Kahurangi, located in Kahurangi National Park, as shown on Allocation Plan MS 21 (SO 15490).


Under section 239 (clause 12.5.3 of the deed of settlement), the Crown acknowledges Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu’s statement of Ngāi Tahu’s cultural, spiritual, historic, and traditional values relating to Kahurangi, as set out below.

Ngāi Tahu values relating to Kahurangi

Kahurangi is a tremendously significant landmark to Ngāi Tahu, marking the extreme north western point of the tribal takiwā. It is a distinctive and easily recognisable physical boundary marker. The name “Kahurangi”, which, in full, is said to be “Te Kahu o te Rangi” (“the blue skies of Rangi”), refers to the temperate climate of this part of the coast, which is noted for its clear skies.

Kahurangi was a natural landing point for seafarers travelling south by waka, to prepare for the next stage along a section of coastline that had very few safe anchorages or landing sites. Such tauranga waka (landing places) represent the intimate knowledge the tūpuna (ancestors) had of navigation, river routes, safe harbours and landing places, and the locations of food and other resources. The traditional mobile lifestyle of the people led to their dependence on the resources of the land. Knowledge of these routes and trails continues to be held by whānau and hapū and is regarded as a taonga.

To Ngāi Tahu, Kahurangi is an important expression of the iwi’s mana over the vast tract of land to the south. Its significance in this respect is to be marked by the construction of a pou whenua (boundary marker). Ngāi Tahu have expended great effort and human sacrifice over many generations to maintain the security and integrity of their takiwā.

The mauri of Kahurangi represents the essence that binds the physical and spiritual elements of all things together, generating and upholding all life. All elements of the natural environment possess a life force, and all forms of life are related. Mauri is a critical element of the spiritual relationship of Ngāi Tahu Whānui with Kahurangi.