Land Transport Act 1998

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180 Regional councils to consider contracting out functions under this Act
  • (1) Every regional council that is required to prepare a regional land transport strategy must consider whether it could most efficiently and effectively prepare its regional land transport strategy by means of its own operations or by contracting out those operations to appropriate persons selected after an appropriate competitive process.

    (2) Where a regional council considers that another person can more efficiently and effectively prepare its regional land transport strategy, the council—

    • (a) Must invite tenders for the preparation of the strategy; and

    • (b) If a tender is successful, must enter into an agreement setting out the terms on which the strategy is to be prepared by the other person.

    (3) Every regional council has and may exercise all such powers as are necessary or reasonably expedient to enable it to perform its duties under this section, and such powers and duties are in addition to, and not in substitution for, powers and duties conferred on regional councils by any other Act.

    (4) Where a regional council invites tenders under subsection (2), any other regional council or territorial authority may submit a tender and, if successful, enter into an agreement under that subsection.

    Compare: 1993 No 88 s 29K