236 Application for information from register
  • (1) Any person may apply to the Registrar, in relation to a specified motor vehicle, for—

    • (a) access to the following information from the register:

      • (i) information on that motor vehicle:

      • (ii) personal information:

    • (b) confirmation that certain information matches personal information on the register, as provided for in section 238.

    (2) The application must be—

    • (a) made in accordance with any regulations made under this Part; and

    • (b) accompanied by the prescribed fee.

    (3) The person who receives the application must make and keep, in the form provided by the Registrar for the purpose, a record of the application and of the information supplied.

    Compare: 1986 No 6 s 19(1), (2)

    Section 236: inserted, on 1 May 2011, by section 32(3) of the Land Transport Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 17).